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About our LLC

Meet Our School Information Specialist!

Hi!  I'm Mrs. Bobbi Lewandowski!  You can call me Mrs. L if you would like! 

I am our school Information Specialist and am here to help support your learning - both formal (to support your classes) and informal (to support your curiosity!)

Whether you need help finding something to read, research, homework or other projects, I am happy to help!  

If you ever need a place to go, our library learning commons is an inclusive safe space which belongs to all of us.  Feel free to stop by anytime!  

Virtual Tour

Our library learning commons has undergone some recent changes.  An updated virtual tour will be added soon!

Conduct Expectations

Every person has the right to a safe and comfortable learning environment.

Our Library Learning Commons caters to variety of user types, often simultaneously.  For this reason, conduct expectations have been established for all library users:

  • All staff, students and visitors are expected to demonstrate respect for S.O.L.E. (Self, Others, Learning and Environment).
  • ALL books, equipment and materials must be "checked out" appropriately before they are removed from the room.
  • Students who are "in class" are expected to focus on their school work and follow general classroom rules. For example: electronics, seating plans, etc.
  • Food and drink is permitted so long as care is taken to prevent damage to property and no messes are left behind

LLC users will be instructed in procedures that support these expectations.

F.Y.Qs (Frequently Yelled Questions)

Do you have ________ (paper, pencil sharpener, stapler, etc.) I can borrow?

All students have access to a colour printer/scanner/copier, as well as a full collection of office supplies in our library learning commons workroom.  Cupboards are even labeled to make items easier to find. 

If you have looked and can't find something be sure to let Mrs. L. know - she may need to restock!

Can you photocopy this for me?

If you need to use the photocopier and know how to use it then go ahead - you don't have to ask.

If it is your first time, or you need a refresher, ask Mrs. L. or another staff member for a quick lesson.  :)

I'm looking for something to read. Do you have _______?

You can check which titles we have in our library by searching the PRSD Follet Destiny Library Catalog. 

You can do this from anywhere at any time and place holds on materials by logging in using Google before beginning your search.  For step-by-step instructions, visit the "Find Something to Read" page.

Still not sure how to do this?  Just ask Mrs. L. for some help!  :)